About Deez Jazzi Handbags & Accessories

Many don't know my story, but I joined a direct sales company called Paparazzi Accessories in 2016 to earn extra money because my husband was injured on the job and only received workman's compensation to help cover our monthly expenses. The majority of us understand that workman's comp only covers 60% of potentially earned income, correct? We had a mortgage, 2 car payments and many other bills to be paid. How in the world were we going to manage? I was desperate for answers!

I wasn't confident that I could run a small business. Me, run a business? 

Once I took the first initial steps to become a consultant, I did the necessary research concerning social marketing and started advertising on Facebook, using my personal account. Telling all my family and friends that I was now the new "Jewelry Lady."

In no time, surprisingly, I was reordering inventory to restock! In my first year, I was able to keep my family’s finances afloat. The second year I made enough money to open a boutique, leasing a space! My customers are loyal, and I let them know I appreciate them by showering them with FREE GIFTS. Being a consultant has been a wonderful-fulfilling experience!

During the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, I worked 6 am - 4:30pm virtually for my 'day' job, giving me plenty of opportunity to focus on my jewelry business and invest in a new business venture. Behold, DEEZ JAZZI HANDBAGS & ACCESSORIES was born!  Since opening, I have added unique custom designs that are 100% customizable. YOU PROVIDE THE IMAGES OR WE CAN DESIGN A CUSTOM ITEM JUST FOR YOU!  

I am super excited that you chose our store!

I hope you find everything you need or want while shopping at Deez Jazzi Handbags Customs and Accessories! I appreciate your business! Please feel free to make recommendations for products that you would like to see in our shop.

Thank you, Deadra